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Fundraiser for AR. Children’s Hospital

Just when we where thinking November would be somewhat uneventful...the White County Arkansas Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol called C asking if he would do a Training Demo as a fund raiser for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  "Sure"  he replied.  Leah Fleischmann, an intern from Switzerland, assisted with the day long event.  Horses were supplied by the members of the Mounted Patrol.  Three horses were used in three demos.  In addition, four horses with their riders, beginner to advanced, participated in assessment and pointers on horsemanship.  

Colt Starting Clinic

Natural Horsemanship Colt Starting

Sandy from Sunshine Acres Ranch has been riding and handling horses since the day she could walk.  She supplied two horses, a buckskin and a chestnut that had run wild on 400 acres since birth.  Sandy had tried for three months to halter the buckskin.  The Chestnut colt did know how to lead and the buckskin would accept a rub from Sandy.  The goal for the buckskin was haltering and trailer loading. The goal for the chestnut was a first ride.  A four year old Appaloosa was used for the third training session and the first ride was also anticipated.  Sonny filmed the first two horses "being started" as C describes his techniques.  These were not typical training sessions and the footage will be used in a study of horse behavior that is on-going at the ranch.  The horse  bucked with the saddle but not when Leah rode her on their first ride.
The Appaloosa was cooperative and C had Leah Fleischmann riding him in less than 45 minutes.  

The horse owners, along with many horse-loving spectators observed a greatly successful demo of  C loading the extremely unconfident buckskin and chestnut two year old horses.