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Dude Ranch Vacation
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Winter at the Ranch Horses for Sale
Reflection on Ranch Life
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Dude Ranch Winter Horse
Winter at the ranch

Our new web site  is pack with photos and information. Guests

are picking dates and we are preparing for a fun filled season.

Be sure to ask for an

early bird discount beginning December 17 and available until March 30, 2011. And consider

an extended stay at the reduced price. As always give Sonny a call 417-683-2381 and she can tailor a vacation to your individual needs.


Our long term guest from London, England, Richard has enjoyed life on the ranch, riding

occasionally, splitting wood -Richard  considers that exercise for his hands. Those hands will play Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 8 this Saturday for a charity fund raiser. Fishing, hiking, working cattle is just being part of our ranch life.



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Merry Christmas from the Ranch.


The winter months finds us as usual...riding as much as possible! We ride and train horses year round at Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch.

Guest Ranch Stream
Winter trail ride

 Usually about mid day we take a long ride. I never get tired of the many trails on the ranch. In the winter you can see the landscapes rugged terrain with jutting boulders but delicately laced with bittersweet and dotted with winter fern.

 Consider your next horse purchase to be a ranch trained Missouri Fox Trotter. We have 3 to 5 year old geldings and mares for sale. We also have a nice group of young horses.

Contact the ranch for details chuff@bucksandspurs.com


Nicole from Austria says it best with this poem:

Horses all grace and beauty free spirits running with the wind manes and tails flowing strong legs pounding their smooth rhythm on the earth in time with the beating of my heart leaving this cowgirl’s soul filled with infinite longing .


After Nicole’s stay she felt this way:  


Take a piece of paradise, sprinkle it with 50 horses, some 130 piece of cattle, people with an open mind and love in their heart and a horse whisperer willing to share his knowledge. 

Sonny and C simply had a way of making me feel at home. The horses were wonderful! And I had the chance not only to learn so much about Natural Horsemanship, but also to live those dreams of my childhood: riding like a cowgirl... herding cattle, learning to rope, moving the bulls, yeehaaaaw. And most important: I got lots and lots of riding time, time to play with all the beautiful young horses and of course, river rides, floats and so much more. And the best part: horses first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, I just loved them all. It was a real blast, time flew by and the only bad part about being at Bucks and Spurs is that, at some point, you’ll just have to go back home. I had never been at a place where I could just walk through the horse pens at night with horses laying down and have them stay down. They just laid there, looked up, saw it was me and let me love on them, even laying their head in my arms. Moments of absolute peace. One morning after feeding I heard a thundering sound, so I looked around for clouds, thinking there was a thunderstorm, and then I saw the horse herd stampeding up towards the house. I had goose bumps.  

Now the only thing: when can I come back?! 



Horse Training Tips 

Nicole laying horse down
natural horsemanship


C has been training several head of horses in the barn’s round pen. Leg yielding with rope pressure, laying down, de-spooking with tarps and dragging objects; all great techniques that can be utilized inside the barn. You might ask why have the horse yield to a rope with each of his hooves? The answer would become apparent if you see a horse hung in fence wire or other similar material. Some horse completely panic, resulting in severe damage to their legs and hooves. The rope work around the hoof teaches the horse to yield to the pressure and not fight it. Be very careful to teach this method only inside a small enclosure in case the horse panics and the rope become entangled around you. You have a much  better chance of freeing yourself in a small area as compared to a large area that allow the horse to run at high speeds. Be safe- the top priorty.

Great Trail Saddles for the Ladies


Hedgepeth Saddle
Easyride Saddle


 Over a period of years, the EASYRIDE saddle has become one of the most comfortable saddles ever built. A special designed cushion seat gives the rider the ability to ride for hours without feeling tired or sore. EASYRIDE saddle owners say their ankles and knees no longer hurt or swell after riding. Not only is this saddle easy on the rider, it is easy on the horse as well. The trees are designed for gaited horses but will fit any horse with a comparable shoulder angle.

Treat your family and yourself to a new saddle.

Recommended by the Winner of the 2009 Ultimate Equestrian Challenge (TM) and
Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch

For the men try our Boss man saddles see both at



Buy now for your next trail ride.

Over 15 years of taking guest.
Enjoy great horses, great food, a dude ranch, cattle drives, horse roundups, fishing, arrowhead hunting, horse training, and team penning and sorting. See if you can be first rider up!
C and Sonny Huff
Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch
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